High Power Charging for road testing electric vehicles – wherever you want, whenever you want.

Automotive individual mobility is undergoing the largest change in its history. Around the world, e-mobility manufacturers are working together with suppliers to develop the drive systems of the future – hybrid, battery electric, or fuel cells. The desire of customers to make mobility climate-neutral and sustainable is changing the work of developing automobiles. Just as conventional internal combustion engines do, the new drive systems require permanent optimisation and further development. Simulations are not sufficient. Electric vehicles must be tested during road trials so that the findings gained during driving tests can be incorporated into development work as soon as possible.

It is important to put electric vehicles to the test under a complete spectrum of scenarios. Even at the earliest stage, the challenge of quickly and flexibly charging battery electric vehicles (BEV) arises. This is true no matter where testing takes place. This is exactly why ATESTEO and straesser have developed the mobile charging station straesser DriveOn – Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging. No matter whether the testing for your electric vehicle takes place in hot, cold, or wet climates, on high-speed tracks, or in urban testing envrionments for ADAS testing – your prototype can be charged everywhere, anywhere, and at any time by the mobile unit straesser DriveOn via High Power Charging (HPC). The energy is supplied by either the public power grid ordiesel generators.

straesser DriveOn is an all-in-one solution with a mobile source of power that places the entire charging infrastructure at your disposal and can be made permanently mobile on a trailer.

DriveOn may be shipped on an ocean-going vessel because of its 40-foot standard see container.

ATESTEO and straesser – innovative road testing for e-mobility.

E-mobility is the near future. As the leading drivetrain testing specialist, ATESTEO offers all services of testing drive systems of electric and hybrid drive vehicles. As a specialist in conducting road tests around the globe, straesser offers expertise, personnel, and technologies for road testing electric vehicles. Together, ATESTEO and straesser have developed the mobile charging station straesser DriveOn, revolutionising road testing of battery electric vehicles around the world. straesser DriveOn enables mobile electric vehicle charging via HPC wherever and whenever power is needed for quickly charging new drive systems in vehicles.

straesser DriveOn: The mobile charging station for endurance testing in road testing of electric vehicles.

straesser DriveOn: Load on the road!

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straesser DriveOn: the combined charging system for road testing electric vehicles.

straesser DriveOn is a combined charging system for road testing electric vehicles. Two types of charging can take place:

Standard charging

Charging of battery electric vehicles as at home through a wallbox. The vehicle is fully charged in about nine (9) hours by AC voltage in the AC range.

High Power Charging (HPC)

High power charging with DC fast charging system in the converter range, so battery electric vehicles are fully recharged in about 20 minutes.

A plus: During road trials, entire vehicle fleets can be rapidly recharged. To charge electric vehicles during road testing using the mobile charging station, the station is connected to the power grid. This enables fully charging up to ten vehicles with standard charging overnight or charging two vehicles in High Power Charging within 20 minutes.

straesser DriveOn: the benefits of mobile electric vehicle charging.

straesser DriveOn: the benefits of mobile electric vehicle charging.

straesser: full service in road testing electric vehicles.

With its mobile charging station straesser DriveOn, straesser offers the complete execution of endurance road tests for electric vehicles and a full service package for road testing of electric vehicles. This includes providing charging containers; transporting vehicles; conducting road testing, including providing the drivers (if desired, with local drivers for maximum cost savings); and picking up all components.

Making the freight container available

Transporting vehicles

Conducting the tests incl. providing drivers

Picking up all components


You can discover more information about road testing with the mobile charging station straesser DriveOn here.